Principal Solicitors

Simon Finch, Solicitor Director
Simon Finch, Solicitor Director


Simon Finch has over 15 years litigation experience. He can appear for you in the Local, Disctrict and Supreme Courts and regularly appears in the Federal Circuit and Family Courts. Simon can advise you in all areas of litigation including:

  • Family Law & Divorce Law

  • Commercial litigation

  • Wills & Estate disputes and Family Provision litigation

  • Building disputes

  • Criminal Law

Phillip Goldsmith, Principal
Phillip Goldsmith,
DipLaw LPAB, Notary Public

Phillip Goldsmith has over 30 years experience and specialises in:

  • Rural and commercial Property Law

  • Wills & Estates

  • Succession planning

  • Estate administration.

Phillip is a Notary Public. He is vastly experienced in property development and all aspects of land subdivision, mortgages, leasing and strata developments.




Tanya Reid, Associate
Tanya Reid, LLB

Tanya Reid was admitted into practice in 2003 and has worked with Creaghe Lisle for over 20 years.

Tanya is a specialist in our property department, dealing mainly in residential and rural conveyancing.

With compassion and understanding Tanya also delivers expert service in relation to Wills, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian as well as Estate matters.


Phillip Goldsmith, Principal
Jim Allen
B.A.(Hons) LL.B. 

Jim Allen was admitted to practise law in 1987. 

Jim has twenty-eight years experience in criminal law including more serious traffic matters.  He has experience in all criminal courts including the High Court, and in the Parole Board. 

Jim can assist you in all criminal and traffic cases.

» Information for clients with traffic or criminal cases in the Local and Children's Courts.


Marion Benjamin, BA(Hons) DipLaw LPAB
Marion Benjamin, BA(Hons) DipLaw LPAB


Marion Benjamin came to Law after a diverse background including University teaching, free-lancing as a professional researcher and managing a regional community organisation. Admitted in the Supreme Court of NSW in 2013, Marion has developed expertise across a range of areas:

  • Family Law including Family Dispute Resolution

  • Small claims and debt retrieval

  • Civil litigation

  • Apprehended Violence Orders

  • Residential and commercial Property Law

  • Wills & Estates